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Make Us Your Turnkey Kitchen
Getting Your Application in Place

Most food makers that we work with fall under two categories. Wholesale, or direct retail. Wholesale means you make your products, package them, and then ship them to distributors. If you ship your products in large quantities outside of California, and/or ship to distributors, you need to get permitted through California Food and Drug Branch.

If you make your products and sell to customers directly, for example, selling crepes at Farmers Market, or Boba tea from your food truck, your business needs to get inspected by Alameda County Department of Environmental Health. We'll move things along for you so you can start making your products quickly!

We also have space that is third party audited for GMP.

Customize Your Kitchen needs
Food Truck

Need a dedicated 24/7 space with your own access and office? Or a shared-space where you can rent with small package of hours?


Our facility is 8,800 sq-ft, with multiple kitchens for food makers of all kinds. We have food makers big and small.


Some of the companies use our facility to churn out tens of thousands of pastries each day while incubator-phase companies start out lean and mean.


We work with taco trucks, tamale makers, caterers, pastry chefs etc.

Each food maker is different. Each company's requirement is different. One size does not fit all. We customize kitchen space and rental based on your needs. 

Talk to us about your growing pains. 

Working Tools

Businesses come to us because they want to leverage our resources.

Our kitchen handles all your mundane day-to-day operations to upkeep a facility; servicing grease, power outage, down equipment and pest control. 

We handle the headache so you don't have to!