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Our Commercial Kitchen

KITCHEN BY THE HOUR is a full-service Commissary Kitchen. 
Our kitchen is equipped with Type 1 and Type 2 hoods, 3000 gallons grease interceptors,  grease traps, and parking for food trucks. You rent includes electricity, gas, water, ice, grease services, pest control, and hood services. Our kitchen contracts fire suppression services and sanitation to maintain facility cleanliness.
Dedicated Kitchen Spaces
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Our 8,800 sq-ft facility is built into 4 suites. Suite 1, 2 and 3 are dedicated spaces for companies looking for long term, full time occupancy.  These suites have their own production space and rollup door, streamlined for larger-scale production. Companies bring in their own equipment and appliances.

Suite 1

  • Total ~1,000 SQ-FT

  • Production Room/Kitchen

  • 2 x Combi Ovens
  • 1 x 6-gas burner

  • 1 x 3-Comp Sink

  • Lunch Room

  • Warehouse

  • Rollup door 

  • 3 phase, 220V power included

Suite 2

  • Total ~3,000 SQ-FT

  • 2 x Production Rooms

  • 3 x Type 1 hoods

  • 1 x Double-Rack Revent (Baxter) OvenOven handles up to 80 full-size sheets per cycle

  • 2 x 6-gas burners

  • 3-Comp sinks

  • 1 x Walk In Freezer

  • 1 x Walk In Refrigerator

  • Warehouse

  • Rollup Door

  • 3 phase, 220V power included

Suite 3

  • Total ~3,500 SQ-FT

  • 1 x Large Production Room

  • Multiple Kitchen Appliances 

  • 1 x Prep/Assembly Area

  • Warehouse

  • Rollup Door

  • 3-Comp sinks

  • Walk In Freezers/Refrigerators

  • 3 phase, 220V power included

Shared-Space Kitchen and Food Truck Parking
Food Truck

Kitchen By the Hour also operates a co-working, shared kitchen commissary space that opens 24/7. Food truck parking spaces is available at additional rate.

Companies are provided codes to enter the shared commissary space.


Shared-kitchen package starts at 10 hrs/month.​

  • Month-to-month

  • No membership or daily rate

  • Tenant provides 30-day notice to terminate

These are some of our commissary customers' operations:  

  • Bakery, pastries & sweets

  • Catering and boxed lunches for offices

  • Food Production for Tamales

  • Pizzas for Farmers Markets

  • Tacos, Indians and Momo Food Trucks 

  • Prepped meal deliveries (lunches for schools, homes, offices)

Food Truck Parking amenities include:

  • Electricity/Power hookup

  • Water and Ice

  • Grease Disposal

  • Gray water Disposal

Comisario de cocina para camión de comida.

Las comodidades del estacionamiento de camiones de comida incluyen:

  • Electricidad / conexión de energía

  • Agua y hielo

  • Eliminación de grasa

  • Eliminación de aguas grises

Looking for Commercial Kitchen, Commissary Kitchen, Ghost Kitchen or Cloud based Kitchen? Looking for retail-less central kitchen with all the necessary amenities to operate?

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Permits and Licenses
Boxed Food

Our various kitchens are permitted for the following: 

  • California Food and Drug Branch

  • Alameda County Department of Environment Health

  • Mobile Food Facility (Food Trucks)

  • HACCP GMP-Third Party Audited

  • Gluten Free Facility

The following services are included for commissary kitchen tenants:


  • Power and Gas

  • Water

  • Waste Disposal (Garbage, Recycling, Organics)

  • Grease Receptacles

  • Pest Control

  • Overall facility maintenance

Commissary Kitchen Equipment Amenities:

  • 6-gas burners

  • Countertop Griddle

  • Double stacked Combi Ovens

  • 80-Qt mixer

  • Ice Maker

  • Dry and Cold storage

  • 3-phase and 220V electricity available upon arrangements