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Professional Kitchen


Managing cost is a top line item for us food people, no matter small or big. KBTH helps cooks and food companies alike manage these cost by staying nimble, providing flexibility to scale. We lower your barrier of entry so you have the shortest path to success, making your business much more profitable, much quicker.


KBTH: Starts at $500/mo

(Shared Station, 10-hr/mo)


KBTH: $6200/mo

(Dedicated Kitchen, 1000 sqft)

"Z" Ghost Kitchens: $4500/mo

(Dedicated Kitchen, 200 sqft)


Brick & Mortar: $6000/mo

(2000 sqft, $3 PSF)



Operating Expense

KBTH: $0/mo

(Shared Station, all utilities included)


KBTH: $750/mo

(Dedicated Kitchen Utilities: Electricity, gas, water, garbage, pest control, internet)

"Z" Ghost Kitchens: $1900/mo

(200 sqft, electricity not included)

Brick & Mortar: $3695/mo

(Estimated Utilities: electricity $1800, gas $500, water $350, garbage $800, pest control $150, internet $95)


KBTH: $0/mo

(Shared Station, include gas range, ovens, prep tables)


KBTH: $0/mo

(Dedicated 1000 sq-ft suite, with gas range, ovens, cold storage, prep tables, speed racks included) 

"Z" Ghost Kitchens: $800/mo

(Estimated monthly leasing cost)


Brick & Mortar: $833/mo

(Estimated $50K amortized over 5 years)

Total Monthly Cost

KBTH: $500/mo

(Shared Station, all utilities included)

KBTH: $6950/mo

(Dedicated 1000 sqft, all utilities included)

"Z" Ghost Kitchens: $7350/mo

(200 sqft, $150 electricity)

Brick & Mortar: $10528/mo

(Not including maintenance and sanitation labor)

Platform Processing Fee


20% order over $100

25% order over $80

(24 hr-scheduled delivery)


"Z" Ghost Kitchens: 3% + 23-30%

(In-house processing fee + platform fee)


Brick & Mortar: Flexible

(In-house delivery)

Delivery Radius

KBTH: 40 miles

(Through exclusive KBTH delivery platform. Bay Area Bound: San Francisco, Oakland, Concord, Livermore, San Jose)

"Z" Ghost Kitchens: 5 miles

(DoorDash, UberEats, Chow etc constraints)


Brick & Mortar: Flexible

(In-house delivery)

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